November 13, 2023 at 5:56pm

We recently came across an article on the international design magazine, Dezeen, that featured a design studio in NYC that had created a series on home products inspired by the discomforts of New York. Think construction scaffolding bookshelves, subway handrail lamps, and area rugs with images of rat roadkill.

San Antonio discomforts


So we posed the question to our audience on social media, "What would be San Antonio's "discomfort" home good products? The answers made complete sense for San Antonio.

For the Floor



When it comes to floor coverings, our audience went straight to San Antonio's pain points. From a rug that looks like a squashed la cucaracha to another one that depicts a simple nail in the tire, these are discomforts that San Antonians know well with our never ending construction and occasional creepy critters.




With home furnishings, our audience saw it fit to go back to the topic of construction with the Never-ending Construction Side Table, a Saint Mary's Road Construction Room Divider, a Road Closed Sign Coffee Table. Also mentioned was a CPS Floor Lamp and a table lamp that looks like it's melting to represent our very disrespectful and uncomfortable triple-digit Summers.


San Antonio


Don't forget, every home needs an impressive (or uncomfortable) sculpture for your garden or living room. One follower proposed a curated pile of rubble and traffic cones.


San Antonio


One follower proposed a perfume that would remind you of the scent of our South Texas humidity, which is a discomfort that we all know too well (albeit not as bad as Houston's).

Holiday Ornaments

San Antonio


'Tis the season, so why not a Christmas tree ornament that depicts our "traffic jams for no good reason"?

Moving Out

San Antonio


And finally, if you find it to be so uncomfortable that you just want to leave, the Bexar County Appraisal Packing Boxes will surely aid you in that effort.

Thanks for all of our followers that had a little fun with us brainstorming what our SA discomfort products would be. Do you think anyone would buy them?  ;)

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