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The West Has Arrived!

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The Grand Opening to the long awaited Briscoe Western Art Museum took place on October 26-27.  The world renowned Lake | Flato Architects located here in the heart of San Antonio were the masterminds behind the building's renovation to restore it to it's original glory.  It is juxtaposed with the newly constructed Jack Guenther Pavilion (serving as an event center) just to the East of the Briscoe.

Modern Young’ins: Designers Taking Design Into Schools

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How do you think a group of kindergarteners would respond when you asked them about modern architecture in San Antonio?  I’ll bet your answer would not include a child uttering the name of O'Neil Ford, the famous modernist that gave us our prized Tower of Americas!  Not exactly what the volunteers from the Design Foundation of San Antonio KIDS Program expected to get from the crowd of kids at Bonham Academy when they asked this question. 

Top 5 HOT Modern Products to Keep You COOL this Summer

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San Antonio gets steamy in the Summer and it often stays that way a few weeks into the Fall.  MiSA presents our top 5 picks for keeping you cool and looking cool in this triple digit heat!  So don't sweat it, we have you covered.  Hace calor no more!

Keep Your Technology Cool

When your computer is cool, so are you.  It's a bonus when what you are using to keep you cool is sleek, portable, and stylish too.  The AViiQ Portable Quick Stand Laptop Stand is a great way to keep your laptop cool on the go and is ergonomic to boot. Available in five different colors.

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The Sculptural Photography of Ansen Seale

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If you have attended any of the events at the recently renovated Lila Cockrell Theatre, you have seen the spectacular work of local artist Ansen Seale.  Inspired by the San Antonio River (which happens to be directly adjacent to the theatre), Seale took photographs of water to capture its movement.  Located in the theatre’s lobby in shades of red, yellow, and blue, he isolated the pixels in the photos of his specially adapted camera, printed them on several sheets of acrylic, and overlapped them.

Modern 101: Part 1- What is Modern?

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I was in design school when I first began to fall in love with Modern.  One weekend I felt like our relationship had progressed to the point where I decided to bring him home to meet Daddy.  When I opened up my precious text books to reveal the genius of Charles & Ray Eames, George Nelson, Isamu Noguchi, Eero Saarinen, Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier, my father’s response was, “Why do you like that old stuff?”  OLD?!  This was perplexing.  These were The Classics and therefore timeless. 

To say the least I was crushed that my father thought I had brought home an old crusty geezer for him to meet.  I had to remind myself that the look of the Eames Lounge Chair and Barcelona Chair were images from his Baby Boomer childhood.  Images not of his generation but an echo from the purchasing power of The Greatest Generation.  I suppose I could compare it to my child bringing home the likes of an 1980’s mauve & teal number and calling it brilliance; however, the 80’s in some part were a remix of the 1950’s, and suddenly we find ourselves back in the arms of mid-century modern.

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